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    With the 2010 FIFA World Cup less than two months away, cybercriminals (as expected) are banking on this prestigious international football event to trick users. TrendLabsSM spotted the latest threat involving this, and it came in the form of an email message currently being spammed in the wild.

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    The spam carried a .PDF file attachment which was found to contain details about the lottery the recipient allegedly won. It also instructed the recipient to give out personal information and send them to the contact person or email sender before the prize could be claimed.

    What was interesting about the purported sender of the email—one Mrs. Michelle Matins, Executive Vice Presidentwas also the signatory for the 419 scam, aka the Nigeria scam

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    Some samples retrieved were noticably free from attachments, and they were puportedly sent by a certain FIFA Vice President named Geoff Thompson. Further investigation revealed that “he,” too, was related to an old scam.

    TrendLabsSM documented the very first spam attack banking on the 2010 FIFA World Cup back in early 2009—a good 18 months before the actual event takes place. The spam involved then was about the recipient winning the online lottery.

    Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ protects users from this kind of attack by blocking spam before they reach inboxes via the email reputation service. Users should be wary of more of these kinds of attacks or variants of these attacks as the sports event draws closer. CNN says that the 2010 World Cup is the first of the “social media age” and thus the world may see record levels of global interactivity surrounding the event.

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