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    Archive for July 9th, 2012

    Online gaming, just like anything else involving the Internet, carries certain risks and threats that could affect your experience. These dangers, if not addressed, could also have effects that may end up with you losing not only your items and achievements, but also much more valuable things. These things include your own hard-earned cash and your privacy.

    Some of the threats an online gamer may encounter (and are tackled in our new e-guide in fuller detail):

    • Account theft – Player accounts in MMORPGs may be hacked into and stolen.
    • Scams – Deceitful players who trick other players into giving them money for fraudulent reasons.
    • Inappropriate content – Content that is inappropriate to gamers of certain ages

    This is why we made an e-guide to help online gamers secure what’s important in their gaming lifestyle. We created an outline of things an online gamer should look out for during a session, and the best practices to keep in mind during such activities.



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