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    Archive for August 2nd, 2012

    Your online activities say a lot about who you are.

    A majority of Americans use search engines. Billions of email and instant messaging accounts are created worldwide. One in five minutes spent online is spent on social media. There are almost six billion mobile subscribers in the entire world. A considerable number of those who immerse in games, e-commerce, and banking now do it online.

    If we believe numbers don’t lie, we can only conclude the obvious: If anyone would want to reach us, the best place is on the cloud. Marketers, evangelists, even educators got the drift.

    Cybercriminals are not far behind. They glean knowledge according to popular online activities then they create scams that will catch your attention. Do you know that the simple act of misspelling a popular website’s URL can lead you to download malware? This is how some users came to download fake AV variants when they searched about the Olympics.

    Find out who you are in the cloud. Our latest eguide lists down four online personas according to the activities they’re fond of. The Web Wiz is that guy who sees the cloud as an information source. You will see your elders or such who just go online if the need arises when you read about the Optimal Prime. The Chatter Bug is that friend who’s always first to get the most social media followers. The Virtual Jock is a sports buff, that is, in the online realm.

    Each of these personas uses different activities in varying degrees. We noted the risks their immersion for each activity incurs, and saw that the most chilling effects include identity fraud, data theft, and financial loss.

    Find out how you can keep your head safe while on a digital high with our tips and suggestions on the latest TrendLabs Digital Life e-guide On A Digital High: Who Am I in the Cloud?

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