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    Archive for October 26th, 2012

    With its launch of Windows 8, Microsoft promises a rejuvenated OS and brand that translate to improved user experience. But when it comes to security, did Microsoft take it up a notch?

    Beyond Window 8’s interface and over-all experience, users are also concerned with its resilience against threats. Below are some of my observations on certain security changes that Microsoft implemented on Windows 8.

    Windows Defender. Microsoft returns with their full product (previously known as One Care) pre-installed. Windows 7 came with a spyware-only version of Windows Defender (though users could download the free Microsoft Security Essentials for free). Now, though Windows Defender combines both spyware and antivirus capabilities. On retail versions, users have the choice of installing their security product, preferably from the Microsoft App Store. However, if no security product is installed after two-weeks then Windows 8 will activate Windows Defender.

    This is a smart decision by Microsoft, as this sidesteps possible legal issues by giving users an opt-in opportunity. For users who may forget to install their favorite security product, Windows Defender provides baseline security level.

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