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    Archive for November 8th, 2012

    The malware BKDR_ADDNEW, better known as “DaRK DDoSseR” in the underground, is a tool that provides distributed denial of service (DDOS) capability combined with password stealing functionality. The tool costs $30 and has been available for several years.

    Recently, our friends at FireEye reported seeing computers that had been compromised by BKDR_ADDNEW and later updated with Gh0st RAT. While Gh0st RAT has been used in many targeted attacks, this threat and its many variants, are widely available to both APT actors and cybercriminals alike.

    When executed, BKDR_ADDNEW connects to a TCP port (the ports used by the samples analyzed were
    443, 3176 and 3085 but the default port is 3175) to receive remote commands from a malicious
    operator. Some of the available commands include downloading of files, stealing Mozilla Firefox passwords, showing DNS, and sending application privileges among others. It also has the capability to launch denial of service (DOS) attacks.

    Based on our investigation, BKDR_ADDNEW has built-in functionality that allows malicious actors to “update” the malware on a compromised computer.

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