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    Archive for April 1st, 2013

    Certain German websites were defaced by a group of hackers on April Fools day. However, this act was no ordinary prank.

    The hackers left messages on the defaced German websites in Arabic, and the message is quite clear:

    Figure 1. Screenshot of defaced German website

    Translated, the text reads as:

    Algeria to the core #

    With Palestine unjust or wronged

    They also posted the same news on their Facebook page.

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time that this group of hackers called “Algeria to the core” defaced websites. Just recently, Australian, Thai and Israeli websites were defaced by the same group. This group’s members include people who go by the following online names:

    • Dz_Med@Ka
    • Dr_h0uCk
    • Dz_Hunter
    • LaMiN3 DK
    • TAYO_DZ
    • Dz_ErRoR
    • JOCk
    • GeL-Dz
    • Evil-Dz h4x0r
    • Les Soldats de L’est
    • VaGa-Hacker-Dz.

    This group has been active for a while now. According to zone-h, their earliest recorded activity was back in August 2012, but note that not all defacement incidents are reported.

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