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    Author Archive - Abigail Villarin (Fraud Analyst)

    The Content Security Team encountered a phishing page of VONAGE.

    Vonage is a publicly-held commercial voice over IP (VoIP) network and SIP company that provides telephone service via a broadband connection.

    The phishing page looks exactly like Vonage official log in page. The phishing site asks the user to enter their user name and password. Once done, the information will be sent to a remote user, thus gaining unauthorized access to the affected user’s account.

    Click for larger view

    The phishing page is already blocked by the Smart Protection Network.

    Quite similar to Vonage is Skype, which is also another popular VoIP service. Although contrary to the former, the latter does not require any special hardware to make long-distance calls. It has also been used as medium for distributing malicious files. Here are some of the previous reports related to Skype:


    Banks all over the world are fast taking on the challenge (and opportunity) of bringing part of their operations online. Sadly, being spoofed in a phishing attack is one of the risks financial services companies have to continually address via user education. Early this week we were able to catch a phishing attempt targeted at account holders of the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK).

    The phishing URL pretends to be a legitimate National Bank of Kuwait official login page:

    After entering the required information the next phishing page will ask for your ATM Pin and Civil ID. This may attempt to confuse the users into believing that the phishing Web site is directly related to the legitimate site:

    Here is a screenshot of the legitimate National Bank of Kuwait login page (a brilliant copy, yes?):

    Note that doing a WHOIS on the actual phishing URL reveals that the attempt seems to have originated from Chile. The attack is directed at users in the Middle East. Phishers typically commit border-crossing crimes to at least hold off immediate entrapment by the law. Trend Micro users need not worry as our URL filters already recognize and block this threat.

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