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    Author Archive - Harry Reynoso (Anti-spam Research Engineer)

    There are few events that attract more attention in the United States than the “Super Bowl”—the annual championship game of professional American football. As with other high-profile events, we saw spammers exploit events like this for their benefit.

    The particular spam that we discovered features the sender explaining how he used to have financial problems but, thanks to a certain website, was able to find his way out of these. Now, he is able to go to events like the “Super Bowl.”

    The link in the spam goes to the following site:

    These “work-from-home” sites are more than just scams. Frequently, these are used to recruit money mules for cybercrime gangs. In addition, the links in this particular site all lead to a phishing site where the user’s personal information is stolen.

    Both the spam and the sites are now blocked by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™.



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