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    Author Archive - Taiwan Threat Solution Team

    TrendLabsSM engineers are currently monitoring an in-the-wild attack that highlights the underrated and often-ignored risk of allowing employees to check their personal email accounts at work.

    Yesterday, one of our colleagues in Taiwan received an email message that spurred what looks like a targeted attack. Unlike other email-based attacks that require users to open the message and to click an embedded link or to download and execute an attachment, this attack’s execution merely requires users to preview the message in their browsers.

    The following is a screenshot of the email inbox’s page:

    Click for larger view

    The message in the email above roughly translates to the following:

    Subject: Have you ever logged in Facebook from unknown location?

    Dear Facebook User,

    Your Facebook account is accessed from a computer or device or from a location that you have never used before. For protecting your account security, before you have confirm your account is not hacked, we temporarily locked down your account.

    Have you ever logged in Facebook from other place?

    If this is not your name, please use your personal computer to login Facebook and follow the instructions to manage your account information.

    If this is not your account, please do not worry. Relogin can lead your back to your own account.
    For more information, visit our Help Center here: … {link}

    Facebook Security Team

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