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    Archive for the ‘Botnets’ Category

    Last Monday, July 9, around 300,000 Internet users lost connectivity because they still had not removed their DNS Changer malware infection. Immediately after the take down of the DNS Changer network infrastructure of Rove Digital on November 8, 2011, the FBI set up clean DNS servers for infected victims. These servers were temporary solutions for the victims who had three months (which was later extended to six months) to clean their infected machines. Actually, a major blackout for hundreds of thousands ...

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    In light of the slew of persistent black hole spam runs, we have been tracking and investigating this threat that leads users to the black hole exploit. These attacks typically start with a spammed message containing a link to a compromised website that redirects a user’s browser to a malicious site hosting the said exploit. The payload of this threat is to install ZeuS variants onto user systems in order to steal sensitive information from users. Trend Micro Solution for Black ...

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    The Police Trojan has been targeting European users for about a year. It should come as no surprise that the latest incarnations of this obnoxious malware have started targeting the United States and Canada. In the latest batch of C&C servers we have analyzed, not only has the list of countries increased but also their targets are now more specific. For instance, UKash vouchers are not available in the U.S., thus the U.S. fake police notification that spoofs the Computer Crime ...

    There is welcome news today of the arrests of 8 individuals in Russia by the Russian MVD, or Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del). Gary Warner (University of Alabama at Birmingham) has a great write-up of the arrests over on his blog, “Cybercrime and Doing Time”, so I will not reproduce the details here. Having said that, I just wanted to point out that this is yet another great example of international collaboration between both private industry research and international ...

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    As I promised in my previous post, here are some of the important keynotes, talks, and panel discussions at RSA 2012: The opening keynote by RSA chairman, Art Coviello, entitled "Sustaining Trust in a Hyperconnected World," highlighted the immensity and increasing rate of targeted attacks, including the one that befell RSA last year. He also mentioned that "risk" is a function of three components—how vulnerable you are to attacks, how likely you are to be targeted, and how much is at ...


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