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    Archive for the ‘Data’ Category

    When we said as part of our 2014 predictions that there would be one major data breach per month, we actually hoped we'd be wrong. Unfortunately, so far, we've been proven right: the latest victim of a massive data breach is the well-known auction site eBay. To recap, earlier this week eBay disclosed in a blog post that they had suffered a breach that compromised a database containing "encrypted passwords and other non-financial data". While they said there was no evidence of ...

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    The first quarter of the year saw cybercrime hit targets that may not have been considered worthwhile in previous quarters. Multiple Bitcoin exchanges found themselves the victims of various attacks and were forced to close shop. The most high-profile victim Mt. Gox, which had been, at one time, the leading Bitcoin exchange in the world. Exchanges were not the only target. With more than 12 million Bitcoins in existence - with a value of 6-8 billion US dollars - it ...

    We continue our look into the state of cryptography in 2014; Part 1 was posted earlier this week. Is Hardware Security Any Better? We closed the first post by asking: is hardware any more trustworthy? One would think that it is... but it's not. Recently, chip vendors have been incorporating cryptography into their CPUs or chipsets. Usually, this is an implementation of a "standard" cipher (like AES) or a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). Despite all the revelations from Edward Snowden about the NSA subverting various ...

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    It seems like cryptography has been taking a knock recently. This is both good and bad, but is not actually true: cryptography is always under attack, and for that reason constantly evolves. That's bad, but it's good to realize that cryptography needs constant attention. The threat to cryptography can be very disruptive, as we most recently saw with Heartbleed, and more distantly with 'issues' in various algorithms like RC4, MD5, SHA1 and Dual_EC_DRBG (all of which should not be used any ...

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    Today's technology is becoming better and better at an exponential clip. It was only a few decades ago that we had cellphones the size of bricks and Internet the speed of which is only a fraction of a single percent of today's connections. Now we carry powerful computers in our pockets as well as wear them for watches, and we can download entire libraries in less than a couple of moments. But with all benefits there are prices to pay for ...

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