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    Archive for the ‘Data’ Category

    10:21 pm (UTC-7)   |    by

    We noted in our 2014 predictions that we believed that there would be one major data breach per month. Reports of data breaches against retailers ushered in the new year, where the credit card information of several million shoppers was stolen. There is no denying the scale and severity of breaches of this kind. While much ink–online and offline–has been focused on matters like who the author of the malware was, in the longer view what’s important to note is ...

    This article, recently published in the Journal of Communications, adds another log to the BadBIOS fire. It has been stated that devices in the BadBIOS case are communicating across an air-gap with commodity PC audio hardware. This paper clearly spells out one workable way to communicate in this way. Even if this doesn't end up being related to BadBIOS, it has solid potential as a data exfiltration methodology. First, I want to clearly state that this is only a communication channel ...

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    The past few weeks have been rather exciting for Bitcoin owners and speculators, with prices peaking at over $1200 per BTC. Some commentators - including former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan - have called Bitcoin prices a "bubble", with a former Dutch central banker comparing it to the tulip mania of the 17th century. Other cryptocurrencies, like Litecoin, have seen similar gains as well. We've covered Bitcoin extensively in the blog in the past, including earlier this year when the total value of ...

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    Around this time of the year, many people are finding themselves on the move visiting friends and family, or just playing tourist somewhere in the world. Since it is 2013, however, one new problem has come up: "how do I get online while I'm on the go?" Many travelers now expect wi-fi as part of their trip - whether at the airport, in the air, at their hotel, or at tourist attractions. A 2013 study found that 64% of hotels worldwide ...

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    Throughout all of 2013, there have been numerous revelations about how the NSA conducts mass surveillance on the Internet. These have sent the Internet Engineering community reeling. Protocols that have been in use for decades and based heavily on intrinsic trust have had that trust violated. This has caused the Internet standards community to take a look at the need for encryption. Specifically, it's been discussed whether HTTP/2.0 - the latest version of the protocol that powers much of the Internet - ...

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