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    Archive for the ‘Hacked Sites’ Category

    A new Internet Explorer zero-day exploit has been spotted in a compromised website of the US Department of Labor. When users visit the compromised website, it loads a malicious script which Trend Micro detects as JS_DLAGENT.USR. This particular script was hosted on the compromised site itself. It loads another script (this time, hosted on a malicious server) detected as JS_KILLAV.AA. Once executed, JS_KILLAVA.AA obtains specific information from the infected machine such as the installed Adobe Reader and Flash version as well as security ...

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    In the past few weeks, many WordPress blogs have been under a large-scale brute force attack. These attacks use brute-force techniques to log into WordPress dashboards and plant malicious code onto compromised blogs and websites. It's important to note what these attacks aren't. They are not compromising WordPress blogs using known vulnerabilities in unpatched versions; if anything this current attack is less sophisticated than that - it merely tries to log into the default admin account with various passwords. If it is successful ...

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    Last April 7, several Israeli websites were targeted by the hacker group Anonymous. Based from reports, certain government and private Israeli websites were not accessible and were possibly victims of a DDoS attack. Media coverage of DDoS attacks tend to cover on whether or not the targeted site is knocked offline, and not particularly how they are carried out. This is a mistake, as this ignores the fact that many of the "attackers" are actually systems that have been infected with ...

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    In the course of our threat research, we've encountered different types of social engineering lures that aim to trigger different emotions such as fear and happiness. These lures are often effective, as we've seen happen in several incidents in the past. However, they are also easily recognizable as they often use a common theme, be it a recent event or an ongoing season. There are also other techniques that use different, more sober approach. These techniques do not aim to trigger ...

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    Currently, we have been seeing an uptick in the number of denial-of-service attacks using DNS reflection or amplification. There are many variants, but the general outline of the attack is the same: An attacker creates a DNS query with a fake source IP address - that of the intended victim. (Consider this as being analogous to a fake return-to-sender address.) The query is sent to a DNS server that accepts queries from external addresses (i.e., those from a different ISP/network than its ...

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