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    Archive for the ‘Internet of Everything’ Category

    With analysis and research by Stephen Hilt (Independent Researcher) Even as attacks on SCADA devices has become more public, devices are constantly being reported as Internet-facing and thus, vulnerable to attacks.  Very little security is implemented on these devices, making them perfect targets of opportunity. Recently, Internet-facing gas station pumps have gained some attention, when several articles exposing the availability of these devices were published online. Figure 1. Webserver of some of the pump monitoring systems After performing our own research, independent researcher ...

    Hearing about vulnerabilities in your car's operating system might seem strange. But it's now something we all need to get used to. Last January 30, several security loopholes in BMW’s ConnectedDrive system, that could allow potential thieves to unlock doors and track car data using a mobile device, as the security gap may affect the transmission path via the mobile phone network were revealed. This was uncovered during a privacy assessment conducted by the German auto club ADAC, and is believed to affect 2.2 million BMW vehicles worldwide. According ...

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    Home surveillance/security cameras have been available for quite some time, and can be used to keep track of one's home, children, pets, or business.  These devices are, in some ways, the first exposure of people to the Internet of Things. For most people, home surveillance means setting up a camera and using the Internet to access the camera feed in real-time. Higher end camera models can even be controlled remotely, making them useful for monitoring a large area with a single ...

    When news of the Shellshock vulnerability broke out at the end of September, we spotted several attacks that leveraged the said vulnerability, thus manifesting the prevalence or even evolution on how attackers used the exploit. For instance, attackers used Shellshock to target SMTP servers, launch botnet attacks, and even to download KAITEN source code among others. We have continuously monitored this vulnerability and on our latest research, we observed that recent samples of BASHLITE (detected by Trend Micro as ELF_BASHLITE.SMB) scans the network for devices/machines ...

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    2014 brought with it many significant additions to the technology landscape. These put new capabilities into the hands of users and companies that allowed them to do things that they would not have thought possible before. However, these same changes also aid threat actors: threats can now come from unexpected vectors, and augment the existing capabilities that attackers already possess. What are the key developments that will shape the threat landscape of tomorrow, and how do we foresee its evolution? These ...


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