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    Archive for the ‘Malware’ Category

    A new breed of cybercriminals has surfaced in China. They are bolder and more reckless than their more experienced veteran counterparts. All born in the 90s, these neophytes are not afraid to get caught, carelessly leaving a trail of traceable contact details online. They find and share readily available code and use those to make their own malware. It’s these same teens that are causing a surge in mobile ransomware in the Chinese underground market. A younger mobile ransomware landscape These young cybercriminals’ ...

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    Online banking users in Europe and North America are experiencing the upsurge of DYRE, a malware family notorious for the multiple ways it steals data and its ties to parcel mule scams, among others. There has been a 125% increase of DYRE-related infections worldwide this quarter compared to the last, proving that cybercriminal interest in online banking has only continued to grow. Figure 1. DYRE-related infections (values are rounded off to the nearest thousand) Roughly 7 in 10 users infected during the ...

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    Home routers can be used to steal user credentials, and most people just don't know it yet. Bad guys have found ways to use Domain Name System (DNS) changer malware to turn the most inconspicuous network router into a vital tool for their schemes. We already know that routers sometimes ship with malicious DNS server settings. In this scenario, the malware is used to tamper with the router and its DNS settings. In the event that users try to visit legitimate ...

    Just how effective is it for cybercriminals to keep using Google Chrome and Facebook to infect their victims with malware? We’ve already seen both platforms be used as parts of malicious social engineering schemes. Both Google and Facebook are aware of this and have taken steps to protect their users. The number of times malicious Chrome extensions have sprouted, for example, has driven Google to restrict the use of any extension not available on the Chrome Web Store. Unfortunately, initiatives like these ...

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    By now cybercrime has become the fastest growing criminal enterprise of the 21st century, run by efficient organizations with great professionalism. Today, news headlines are mostly about large-scale breaches orchestrated by large criminal syndicates. But smaller one-man operations can be equally devastating to the unwitting home users and businesses. This reminds us that cyber criminals come in all shapes and sizes and still lurk around every corner of the internet, waiting to prey on an unsuspecting victim. In order to shed ...

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