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    Archive for the ‘Malware’ Category

    Rockstar Games' latest offering for the videogame industry, open-world crime simulator Grand Theft Auto V, came out several months ago for consoles to fanfare and anticipation. Unsurprisingly, people have been waiting for the PC version, despite Rockstar Games being very mum about its release date (or even its existence). This uncertainty did not stop cybercriminals from taking advantage of the pre-release publicity. We recently found a spam campaign making the rounds; this one claims that the user has been invited to the ...

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    Recently, a mass stabbing incident in Kunming, China left 29 victims dead. We came across an email which used this incident as social engineering bait. To appear legitimate, the message talks about the incident at length and cites several news outlets as its sources. It encourages the user to open the attached document for more information. The document is entitled “Violent terror attack,” probably named as such to pique the recipient’s interest. Figure 1. Spammed message The attached document is actually malicious, and ...

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    Recently we've discussed how Control Panel (CPL) malware has been spreading in Latin America. In the past, we've analyzed in some detail how CPL malware works as well as the overall picture of how this threat spreads. In this post, we shall examine in detail how they spread, and how they relate with other malicious sites and components. Recently, while I was checking my spam mailbox, I found one of these messages there. Specifically, I found this email sample: Figure 1. Spam message This ...

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    Last month, security researchers released a report about a targeted attack operation which they named Careto, or Mask in Spanish. The attack was noted for encoding its configuration data and encrypting its network traffic, making analysis more difficult. However, the capabilities of the Mac malware used in Careto was not as sophisticated as its Windows counterpart. (We detect this as OSX_CARETO.A.) It connects to a hardcoded command-and-control (C&C) server and runs /bin/sh to open a shell, which can then run commands sent ...

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    Along with my colleagues, I was able to attend this year’s RSA Conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and the experience was definitely enlightening, especially in terms of the current state of our industry. “Security of Things” before “Internet of Things” Many new technological frontiers have emerged through the years, and with them, the attack surface also widened dramatically. With the mobile computing boom, threats against critical infrastructure, and now the emergence of the Internet of Things, the industry ...

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