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    Archive for the ‘Mobile’ Category

    The introduction of personal devices (or Bring Your Own Device) into the workplace brings about issues about control and data protection. BYOD has not only blurred the lines between corporate and personal data but it has also ushered in risks, such as lost or stolen devices or data breaches via employee-owned devices. Enter mobile device management (MDM). Mobile device management allows IT administrators to secure and monitor corporate data and apps found in personal devices. And yet, MDM is not without ...

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    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and its successor, Transport Layer Security (TLS), are designed to provide a secure, encrypted connection between a client and a server online. For further authentication and encryption, the server is required to provide certificates. By doing so, the server can prove its identity directly and effectively. With an SSL connection, both sides can guarantee the validity and security of the communication. This is especially advantageous for services, such as online banking, email, social networks, which require secure ...

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    We have previously discussed about certain file locker apps that fail to hide files properly. We recently came across yet another file locker app, AppLock, which has the same issue. However, the vulnerability concerning this app goes beyond improperly hiding files—the vulnerability can allow other apps to manipulate the app’s configuration files. The configuration files include data such as the application’s preferences files, login passwords and emails, and even the Google Ad Publisher ID, which is used for Google AdSense accounts. Access ...

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    The Chinese underground has continued to grow since we last looked at it. It is still highly profitable, the cost of connectivity and hardware continues to fall, and there are more and more users with poor security precautions in place. In short, it is a good time to be a cybercriminal in China. So long as there is money to be made, more people may be tempted to become online crooks themselves. How can we measure the growth of the Chinese underground economy? We can ...

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    The first half of this year has been quite eventful for the mobile threat landscape. Sure, we had an idea the state of affairs from 2013 would continue on to this year, but we didn't know just to what extent. From ballooning mobile malware/high risk app numbers to vulnerabilities upon vulnerabilities, let's recap just what happened in the past six months and see if we can learn anything from them for the six months ahead. So, what did happen in the ...

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