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    Archive for the ‘Social’ Category

    Data breaches rarely make for sensational news. Media outlets may report about them but public interest often dies down after a week or two. Or that was the case until the Ashley Madison breach happened. The recent leak of the Ashley Madison accounts is the culmination of a month-long digital stand-off between the site that blatantly encourages people to have affairs and a hacktivist group called the Impact Team. Last July, Ashley Madison reported that they became victims of a data breach. ...

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    This year's Black Hat and DEF CON gave us a good glimpse of the future: what we can expect, what we need to fear, and most especially what we need to do. The Dream of Internet Freedom Jennifer Granick's keynote speech during the first day of Black Hat 2015 captured the theme of this year's conference. Granick is the Director of Civil Liberties at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society and is known for representing Kevin Poulsen and Aaron Swartz before US ...

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    The past week has seen some interesting news in the world of online security. First, the US government announced that all websites maintained by federal agencies must be using HTTPS by the end of 2016. Second, the Wikimedia Foundation (best known for Wikipedia) announced that they, too, were rolling out mandatory HTTPS for their own sites as well, with full completion expected "within a couple of weeks". With large organizations moving to full-time HTTPS, and browser vendors pushing for it as well (Mozilla ...

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    Just how effective is it for cybercriminals to keep using Google Chrome and Facebook to infect their victims with malware? We’ve already seen both platforms be used as parts of malicious social engineering schemes. Both Google and Facebook are aware of this and have taken steps to protect their users. The number of times malicious Chrome extensions have sprouted, for example, has driven Google to restrict the use of any extension not available on the Chrome Web Store. Unfortunately, initiatives like these ...

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    We've found a new phishing technique targeting online shopping sites that may significantly change the threat landscape for phishing sites. Conventional phishing sites require an attacker to replicate the targeted site; a more accurate copy is more likely to fool intended victims. This technique we found allows for the creation of nearly perfect copies - because the attacker no longer needs to create a copy of the site at all. Instead, the phishing page only contains a proxy program, which acts ...

    Posted in Bad Sites, Mobile, Social | Comments Off on New Phishing Technique Outfoxes Site Owners: Operation Huyao


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