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    Archive for the ‘Social’ Category

    Another scam site is offering to increase a user's Instagram followers. Unlike previous attacks, however, these sites require payment - with the amount depending on the number of followers you prefer. Figure 1. Pricelist for Instagram followers Despite the site's liberal use of the Instagram logo, it has nothing to do with the service. It has a reservation form that asks for user’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, and payment information. Even if you try to fill-up the form using a dummy ...

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    The past few weeks have seen some very high-profile sites adopt two-factor authentication in one form or another. First was Twitter, followed soon by Evernote and Linkedin. For users of these sites, these represent a welcome improvement to their security. In the event that their password is (somehow) compromised, an attacker faces another barrier before they can gain access. There is still room for improvement. All three services use text message verification - i.e., they send an access code to the user's ...

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    The World Cancer Research Fund has recently released its statement about a story being circulated in social media and blogs concerning processed meat and cancer. The said piece was so widespread that they had to step in and make their official statement. But what is striking is how users get their information these days. It is no surprise that social media is now considered a formidable news source, with most people sharing, tweeting, pinning stories and news items on their accounts. ...

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    While users are trooping to the cinemas to watch Iron Man 3, some may scour the Internet for bootleg copies or free movie streaming. Unfortunately, this gives the bad guys an opportunity to serve users with their dubious schemes. We conducted a simple Google query and found more than a hundred websites claiming that they provide movie streaming of Iron Man 3. (The movie has already opened in some countries but not the United States, making these claims more credible at ...

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    There’s a saying in journalism: report the news, don’t be the news. Unfortunately today the Associated Press (AP) ran afoul of that rule by having their Twitter account hijacked. In good journalistic fashion, they’re telling their own story quickly and with as much facts as possible. It sounds that they saw a phishing attack against their network just before the account was hijacked. While they don’t connect the two, it’s certainly a possibility that this is how the attackers got control of ...

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