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    Archive for the ‘Vulnerabilities’ Category

    In the past few weeks we've noticed a problematic pattern developing: the increasing use of exploit kits in malvertising. In particular, zero-day exploits (usually seen first in targeted attacks) are now being deployed in malicious ads right away, instead of first being used in targeted attacks against enterprises or other large organizations. This is a worrying trend, as it means that more users could be affected by these threats before a patch becomes available. Two of the recent Adobe Flash zero-days (CVE-2015-0311 and ...

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    Almost every Patch Tuesday cycle contains one bulletin that (for convenience) rolls up multiple Internet Explorer vulnerabilities into a single bulletin. February's Patch Tuesday cumulative IE bulletin (MS15-009) included a fix for a particularly interesting vulnerability that could be used to bypass one of the key anti-exploit technologies in use today, address space layout randomization (ASLR). This vulnerability was designated CVE-2015-0071. To be used in an attack, this vulnerability must be combined with another one that is capable of actually running ...

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    Today Microsoft released their monthly Patch Tuesday posting, with a total of 14 security bulletins that include 5 bulletins that were listed as Critical. This batch of patches addresses vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, and Internet Explorer. Fixes for FREAK One of the more notable bugs covered by this posting include the recent FREAK (Factoring RSA Export Keys) vulnerability seen in early March, which forces a secure connection to use weaker encryption—making it easier for attackers to decrypt and ...

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    The Samba team reported CVE-2015-0240 last February 23, 2015. This vulnerability is very difficult to exploit and we are not aware of successful exploitation. However, it is quite interesting from the point for view of detection. There are two important facts: The vulnerability resides in the Netlogon Remote Protocol implementation of Samba which is a very high-level application protocol that can be used over different transports configurations. To execute the vulnerable code the attacker doesn’t need be authenticated and can use many ...

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    phpMoAdmin (short for PHP MongoDB administration tool) is a free and open source MongoDB GUI tool. phpMoAdmin is written in PHP and is a popular administration tool to manage the noSQL database MongoDB. A zero-day remote code execution vulnerability was seen in phpMoAdmin which allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code without requiring any authentication. The vulnerability is a command injection flaw which generally occurs when the web application executes certain operating system command based on user inputs, which are part of ...

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