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    Hearing Ben Edelman speak about tricky EULAs and the legalities of these contracts yesterday made me realize that these programs can’t twist our arm. They cannot sue clients who uninstalled the bundled spyware from their systems (while retaining the program of choice) just because the EULA specified otherwise. He said that the purpose of these EULAs are not really for clients but for antispyware companies, to give us second thoughts in tagging these products as spyware. But as a client, what can you do? Ben says that you have every right to know what is installed in your PC because that is your territory. And some cases, the installation details are already in the EULA… you just have to read all of it! Or do you really have to?

    Enter the EULAlyzer… It’s not really your super-savvy tool that can determine that the package that you are installing is totally hogwash, but it is quite useful for us who are allergic to reading gazillions of pages of EULAs. It’s also dons a very user-friendly interface.


    Here’s a walkthrough in EULAlyzing Grokster:

    I get to the Grokster License agreement… And my allergies start showing

    I open the EULAlyzer and drag the crosshair to the text area of Grokster’s EULA.. and it’s ready to be EULAlyzed!

    Then, I click the analyze button and some strings get flagged…

    Then, I expand the “+” on the left side of the flagged text and check out the sneaky things

    And somehow I’m not so happy anymore… Oh well, I still need to read the EULA to verify the context of the statements flagged by the EULAlyzer, but hey, at least I already got a glimpse of those sneaky things and I have an idea of what I’m putting into my PC. And I can even save the sneaky EULA for future purposes.

    Note: The EULAlyzer is a product of Javacool Software LLC. You can read more about this and download it fromtheir site.

    Thanks to Mr. Daves Espia for the Heads up.

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