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    DDoS-Attacts-copyThe violent protests by activists unhappy with the results of the recently concluded Iran presidential elections are being paralleled by DDoS attacks organized by hacktivists to bring down Iran government websites.

    Although it hasn’t been confirmed if the DDoS attacks were indeed successful, several Iranian government websites have been reported inaccessible. Noah Shachtman from Wired expressed his concerns about Iran’s network infrastructure being centralized, which causes Internet connection across the country to normally be unstable as it is. Unnecessary, overwhelming traffic caused by the attacks may affect Internet access not only for those actually targeted by the DDoS, but pretty much every one else in Iran.

    The centralization of Iran’s network also enabled the blockage of certain websites, which left people using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, in order send out information to outside Iran. Twitter, most especially, was used as the main channel for people to post information, and was even forced to reschedule a planned maintenance just to keep the channel open to the people who are rallying information to and from Iran.

    Calling for attacks for the sake of getting their messages across is an action far from actually causing any positive development in the situation. The only thing these hacktivists are succeeding in is making things worse. So please, do not participate in any of these activities.

    The Web has been a convenient avenue for activists to express their beliefs, all of which affecting not only those targeted by the attacks, but other users as well.

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