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    Users are under the impression that mobile phones are more secure than PCs, according to the latest Trend Micro survey. A number of users are found not practicing safe browsing when using their mobile phones.

    The survey shows that 44% of over 1,000 respondents are lax when it comes to surfing using their mobile phones. The respondents are actually more concerned of losing data such as contact numbers via physical phone loss rather than information loss due to Web threats and phishing or spam attacks. In fact, only 23% utilize security software already installed in their phones. Some even believe there is no use for such software as mobile phones are not as prone to security risks.

    Quite unfortunate is the fact that users’ assumption that mobile phones are spared of attacks by cybercriminals is very much incorrect, as mobile threats have been around for the past four years now. Trend Micro researchers often see Symbian malware such as SYMBOS_BESELO.A, SYMBOS_VIVER.A, SYMBOS_FEAKS.A, and SYMBOS_YXES.B infect Symbian-based phones. Other notable mobile malware include WINCE_INFOJACK.A and WINCE_CRYPTIC.A, which target Windows mobile phones. These so-called traditional mobile malware are still very much active up to this day as seen in the chart below.

    Click for larger view

    As mobile phones become more Web-based and as users more heavily rely on them to conduct their day-to-day business, potential risks brought about by phishing and other Web threats will become more rampant as well. Users are advised to be wary when browsing as this could lead them to malware infection and information loss. They are strongly urged to use security software to stay protected from malware infections.

    Trend Micro protects mobile users with Trend Micro Mobile Security. It also offers Trend Micro Smart Surfing for iPhone to iPhone and iPod Touch users. These enable users to have worry-free surfing experiences, as they hinder access to malicious sites.

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