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    The retaliation against Israelis and Americans came in the form of hacktivism as more than 300 Israeli websites were found defaced just a few days after Israeli forces bombed Gaza.

    The attacks, which were dubbed part of a “Propaganda War,” resulted with the defaced sites containing anti-Israeli and anti-US messages. Despite the attack affecting Israeli sites only, the Director of Research in Computer Forensics at the University of Alabama, Gary Warner, states that it is highly likely that US-based websites are the next target. In his blog, he also stated that website administrators should be especially vigilant.

    While the Israel-Gaza conflict is the most high-profile headline in the news, there are also ongoing cyber conflicts elsewhere in the world which merit attention.

    For instance, there are various ongoing reports of tit-for-tat attacks between Indian and Pakistani hackers, as well as between various political factions inside of Russia.

    Here are some of the past cases, where the Web served as a ground for expressing political ideologies in the form of hacktivism:

    Incidentally, attacks such as this is just one of the threats presented in the Four Threats for 09 that You’ve Probably Never Heard Of article by InformationWeek. While all of these cyber attacks bring us to the question of better Website protection and security, it’s also important to note that the Web is no longer an avenue to gain profits, but also to express political and religious beliefs, whether be it through legitimate, harmless ways, or not.

    And we can certainly expect the Internet to be a battleground for political, cultural, and other all sorts of dissenting opinions — well into the future.

    Additional input provided by: Paul Ferguson, Advanced Threats Research.

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