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    Clever. Hardly detectable. Very timely.

    Such terms were not used to glorify phishers, but to demystify the (old) way we see phishing and to help us begin acknowledging where phishing schemes are inevitably going.

    Peter Cohen of MacWorld reports a new phishing scam targeting users of MobileMe, Apple’s latest subscription-based Internet suite that replaces the .Mac (pronounced “Dot Mac”) service. The phishing email purporting to come from Apple looks clean and sleek, the text courteous and professional — hardly the kind that instantly gives away an email as a fake or scam. Below is a screenshot of the said email:

    A number of links in the email body directs the victim to legitimate Apple pages, and only one link (the clicking here link) is directed to the phishing site. Once users click on the link, they are directed to http://www.{BLOCKED}, a site that is not associated with Apple. It displays a Web page fashioned to look like one from the Apple Web site, and asks the user to update their billing information. Below is a screenshot of the phishing site:

    Cohen further reveals that the link is registered to a personal Gmail account in Romania, which one can surmise to have been spoofed.

    Justin Berka of Ars Technica wrote that this newfound phishing scam cannot be more timely since MobileMe had been experiencing billing problems since late last month, and being privy to this could make any Apple user fall prey to the phisher’s scheme.

    Trend Micro has documented a number of reports concerning Apple and the company’s products and services. Below are just some of them:

    Trend Micro clients, especially Apple service users, are implored to be wary about clicking on links from emails that appear to be legitimate.

    Updated: 13 August 2008, 1:30 AM PST; Additional data provided by Trend Micro Fraud Analyst Abigail Villarin

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