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    Spammers are really quick on the draw in terms of their schemes. They have already come up with a scam related to the South Africa FIFA World Cup which will be held a year and a half from now.

    The spammed messages arrives as a notification to the recipients, telling them that they won an online sweepstakes program related to the FIFA World Cup. An explanation is also provided as to how they won the contest, which is likely done to build up credibility.

    Figure 1. The spam email is peppered with information that may overwhelm the user and convince them that the message is indeed true

    Ironically, the scam message even tells the recipient that they must keep the given “winning information” confidential until they have received their prize as a precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse. This is an obvious example of social engineering method applied by the criminals.

    Figure 2. More misleading information used to buy credibility

    The recipients are told that they won a large amount of money and must contact their “claim agent” to claim their prize. The recipient is then required to present the “claim agent” with personal information such as age, gender, nationality, and their contact details.

    Figure 3. Certain variants of this scam even attempt to namedrop, but somehow also fails to do so, spelling Bill Gates name as “Bill Gate”

    Of course, if users fall for this scam, they will receive no certain amount of cash–but actually be stolen from.

    Such scam email messages are blocked by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. Other users are advised to ignore these scam messages.

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    • Linda DePeel

      I got 12 FIFA scams just this past week!!! The scambags must not communicate well with each other, or do they share a list, then share the dough?


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