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    A new Twitter worm is making the rounds. If you receive a direct message from a “friend” that contains the following message:

    “This you????”

    It is likely malicious. Clicking the link, http://twitter.login.{BLOCKED}, will redirect you to a subpage of the said domain. You will then be prompted to log in to your Twitter account.

    Note how closely the fake login page duplicates Twitter’s actual login page:

    Click for larger view

    Once you log in, your credentials will be stolen and all of your followers will receive a direct message from you with a link to the same site, allowing the worm to further propagate. Doubtlessly, at some point in the future, the cybercriminals behind this attack will use the same stolen credentials to send out other malicious content from a huge number of compromised Twitter accounts.

    So remember, think before you click! For more great tips and tricks with regard to social networking, you may read this.

    Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ protects product users from this kind of attack by blocking user access to the malicious domain and other related sites.

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    • Sean De Erio

      What is the worm’s name?

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    • minglai

      Got a DM like this. The URL was shortened by TinyUrl and when I clicked it, TinyUrl displayed this page that said they have classified the user who sent it to me as a spammer. I wonder though if they did that or if Twitter did the classifying…

    • Melinda

      ok, so I was infected with this virus and changed my password (I have a Mac BTW). Do I need to change my password on every site I have that shares the same password such as my bank account or do I just need to change twitter?

    • TedLSimon

      So, I fell for this one (let my guard down for just a moment). Having done all the wrong things, my question is: what do I do now to regain my security?

    • katie

      My account was compromised this morning. My account sent out the above DM, but I swear I never logged in using that fake twitter page. How did get into my account to send out the phishing DM's?


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