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    If you have been swamped lately by email offering unlimited image hosting services at a certain site such as the one below, blame Waledac for that.

    Figure 1. Image hosting spam

    Worth noting also is that this particular image hosting site’s name bears resemblance to the publisher of the most popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing)game.

    Besides advertising that site, Waledac’s also busy sending out job offers–in Italian.
    Below are images of spam samples with their corresponding rough translations.

    Figure 2. Italian job offer 

    Despite a financial crisis, many are starting to gain and
    increase their income.

    Database is full of vacancies in its various proffessioni.

    The urge to work un’po in the growing market of advertising `

    If there was a few hours a day by placing ads on sites, you
    `will gain on that guaranteed to pay more rates

    For today’s 85 seats vacant.

    To speed the response please write to my address:

    Yours faithfully


    Figure 3. Italian job offer 

    We have many offers that may be of interest to you.
    We specialize in the job that you do not even get out
    The number of offers available: 71 688.
    The salaries listed are average in 1025 to 2420 Euros.
    The size of the file with a list of bids for 2220 h kb.
    You can access this free basis of tenders.
    To receive information, send an email here:

    You must provide your name and e `.
    We just need to know your name and e `.
    Do not ask any retributo.
    Good earnings.


    Figure 4. Italian job offer 


    According to surveys that most people of your district are not
    satisfied with the weekly profit.

    There is a chance to work with major corporation.
    Company deals with sales of motorcycles.

    There are many vacancies, and sends the message to send the most
    detailed information.

    For receiving the rapid response please send a message
    Personal e-mail: [username]



    Figure 5. Italian job offer 

    Affects the ability to have free access to 15 days
    large base of vacancies of famous companies?

    You are invited to work in the thriving market un’po of `advertising
    If you have 1-2 hours a day by placing ads on Internet sites, you
    can earn on this payment guaranteed best rates

    For today’s 183 seats vacant.

    For receipt of full information write to address:

    It would seem that Waledac serves as the backend spamming engine of some spamming service. As to what spamming service, we’re still digging. Meanwhile all the abovementioned spam messages are already blocked by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.

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