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    Author Archive - Merianne Polintan (Anti-spam Research Engineer)

    We have received samples of a new phishing mail targeting users of MSN Messenger inviting them to see who deleted or blocked them from their contact list. Users would be interested to know who among their friends have deleted them from their lists.

    Phishing Email
    Figure 1. Phishing email

    Clicking on the link displays the following fake login page asking the user to input his or her password:

    Phishing Website
    Figure 2. Phishing website

    It is obvious that the intention of the cybercriminals is to harvest the user’s MSN Messenger login credentials. Afterwards, they can then continuously sends spam messages to the account or, worse, they can use the account for their malicious intent.

    Getting in touch with friends is now much easier than before. Because of the growth of social networking sites, we can stay connected with our old friends, or even find new ones. This may include reading the profile pages of other members, sending and receiving invitations to fun games, videos and other applications. However, users must be on guard when interacting within online social networks. Spammers are now abusing these in their phishing attacks.

    Always be mindful in accepting “invitations”, especially when it concerns your personal information. This particular spam message, and the associated website, are already blocked by Trend Micro products via the Smart Protection Network.



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