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    8:28 pm (UTC-7)   |    by

    TrendLabs researchers have recently published their research on two of the most prevalent botnets in the threat landscape to date:

    Infiltrating WALEDAC Botnet’s Covert Operations

    waladec_spamSpam is not a mere inbox annoyance anymore but is the first step toward executing more dangerous kinds of system infiltration. Malware are no longer discrete executables but a motley group of related components and files that work together to surreptitiously get inside systems. The technologies malware crime fighters are using are—in some cases—being used against us. The people behind these cybercrimes are no longer fame-seeking script kiddies, they are now professional criminals who have created robust cybercrime businesses.

    This paper provides a comprehensive view of the WALEDAC botnet—its activities, methodology, involved technologies, purpose, and business model—in order to paint a picture of the complex and intricate nature of the threats that we see today.

    Pushdo / Cutwail Botnet

    pushdo_spamThe Pushdo botnet has been with us since January 2007, and while it does not grab as many headlines as its attention-seeking peers such as Storm or Conficker, it is the second largest spam botnet on the planet – sending approximately 7.7 Billion emails per day, making it single-handedly responsible for about 1 out of every 25 emails sent.

    There are several reasons for Pushdo’s lack of notoriety – the authors have actively used several techniques to help keep its activity “under the radar.” Not only is Pushdo responsible for a huge amount of spam activity, it also is one of the primary conduits for other criminal gangs to spread their malware creations.

    The two abovementioned papers, as well as other previously released white papers can be downloaded from this page.

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