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    Archive for the ‘CTO Insights’ Category

    The security industry loves to talk about how "sophisticated" attacks can be. Usually this takes the form of us saying how advanced and sophisticated an attack is, what new methods were used to hide servers or make analysis harder, etcetera. However, it's easy to forget that not all attacks need to be technically sophisticated; instead it can be in the social engineering used and how the attack is carried out. For example, a few months ago we talked about the Arid ...

    Everywhere I go it seems to be that "critical" systems are being attacked. Earlier this year people were talking about whether planes could be hacked. We've talked about whether smart grids can be hacked, too. Just a week or so ago, LOT Polish Airlines was almost completely grounded by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. In many cases, these critical systems turn out to have been built on off-the-shelf open-source software. Almost a decade ago, I said that open-source software was safer. ...

    Posted in CTO Insights |

    Everywhere you look, it seems to be that everything is becoming "smart".  On my wrist, I frequently wear a smart watch that monitors how many steps I take, what my heart rate is, and so on. At home, a smart thermostat can be controlled via an app, or even be programmed based on my own behavior. I can even have a camera that will either let me see who's at the door, or let me talk to my cats while I'm ...

    Posted in CTO Insights, Internet of Things | Comments Off on CTO Insights: Internet of Things — Whose Data Is It, Anyway?

    If you've read enough crime novels or seen enough action movies, the plot is all too familiar to you: an insider - acting to correct some slight or insult he or she received years ago - turns against an organization and inflicts significant damage. Sometimes the insider is on the side of the good guys, sometimes on the bad guys. This makes perfect sense. An insider knows exactly how an organization does things, what they consider valuable, and how they will ...

    Posted in CTO Insights, Targeted Attacks | Comments Off on CTO Insights: Defending Your Organization From Insider Attacks

    2014 showed that vulnerabilities could be found in all applications - both Heartbleed and Shellshock caught system administrators off-guard by revealing that open-source server applications could have severe vulnerabilities as well. The reality is that making software free from vulnerabilities is difficult and expensive, if not completely impossible. For every thousand lines of code, you can expect to find 15 to 50 errors of some kind. Maybe you can get that error rate down for truly critical applications like space exploration, but ...

    Posted in CTO Insights, Vulnerabilities | Comments Off on CTO Insights: Vulnerabilities for Sale


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