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    Archive for the ‘Malware’ Category

    Throughout course of my monitoring future and possible targeted attacks, I recently chanced upon a spear-phishing email sent to an undisclosed recipient that contains three seemingly harmless documents. I was curious about the attached documents so I first checked the one titled AlSajana Youth Center financial Report.docx. The so-called financial report turned out to be a non-malicious document (see Figure 1) but the other two attached files struck me as suspicious as well. Their file names were u0627u0644u0645u0639u062Fu064429u0.docx and u0625u0646u062Cu0644u064Au0632u0649.doc. Figure 1. Sample ...

    Recently, we have noticed large numbers of repackaged Android apps showing up in Chinese app stores. While these apps pretend to be "free", in the end they cost the users time and money: they are either shown various ads or they are subscribed to various premium SMS numbers. (Note that these apps were not found in the official Google Play store.) Two channels are at work here. First, foreign apps that have been localized or repackaged by Chinese companies and used for ...

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    Analysis by Jaaziel Carlos, Jonh Chua, and Rodwin Fuentes Ransomware has become one of the biggest problems for end users are as of late. In the past months alone, we have reported on several variants of both ransomware and crypto-ransomware, each with their own “unique” routines. We recently came across one malware family, detected as PE_VIRLOCK, as that not only locks the computer screen but also infects files—a first for ransomware. Ransomware Routine VIRLOCK variants may arrive bundled with other malware in infected ...

    Stealing payment card data has become an everyday crime that yields quick monetary gains. Attackers aim to steal the data stored in the magnetic stripe of payment cards, optionally clone the cards, and run charges on the accounts associated with them. The topic of PoS RAM scraper malware always prompts businesses and retailers to ask two important questions: “How do I protect myself?” and “What new technologies are vendors introducing to protect businesses and consumers?” This blog entry seeks to answer ...

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    Analysis by Kenney Lu In recent years, we have seen a lot of reports about home routers being vulnerable to attacks. Our research as early as 2008 shows malware rigging routers to redirect users to different sites. Other attacks we have seen include backdoors and possible DNS rebinding attacks. In these scenarios, the intent and goal of the attacks are pretty straight-forward. Snooping Around Your Network We recently came across one malware, detected as TROJ_VICEPASS.A, which pretends to be an Adobe Flash update. ...

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