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    Archive for the ‘Spam’ Category

    Email can be considered a big business—for cybercrime. In 2014, 196.3 billion emails were sent and received daily. Of that number, 108.7 billion were business emails. With the volume of business emails sent daily, it would be unimaginable for cybercriminals not to take advantage of email to target big businesses. And those attempts can result in million-dollar losses and stolen information. For example, it was reported that the Home Depot breach cost the company US$62M in losses while the Target breach cost US$229M. However, ...

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    Online banking users in Europe and North America are experiencing the upsurge of DYRE, a malware family notorious for the multiple ways it steals data and its ties to parcel mule scams, among others. There has been a 125% increase of DYRE-related infections worldwide this quarter compared to the last, proving that cybercriminal interest in online banking has only continued to grow. Figure 1. DYRE-related infections (values are rounded off to the nearest thousand) Roughly 7 in 10 users infected during the ...

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    Cybercriminals have been taking advantage of tax season for years. While we have seen tax seasons involving countries like Australia and the U.K., it appears that cybercriminals tend to heavily favor the use of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scams, especially during the US tax season. Over the years, the attackers’ means may have evolved but their goal remains the same—to trick victims into giving out personal information or money. Our new research paper, A Profile of IRS Scammers: Behind Tax Fraud, takes an ...

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    Recently, we’ve come across an interesting spam campaign aimed at French users. The campaign itself uses a well-crafted lure that is likely to catch the attention of its would-be victims. In addition, the malware used - the GootKit backdoor - contains several unusual technical characteristics. Both of these highlight how this campaign was quite well thought-out on the part of the attackers. Spam: Using the French Ministry of Justice This campaign starts with email in French that uses varying subject lines: Copy du jugement (translated ...

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    Early this year Microsoft reported an increase in macro-related threats being used to spread malware via spam. Similarly, we’ve been seeing a drastic increase in spammed emails with attached Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that come with embedded macros. Macros are a set of commands or code that are meant to help automate certain tasks, but recently the bad guys have yet again been utilizing this heavily to automate their malware-related tasks as well. Here are some recent blog ...

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