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    Nowadays, hardware have become so cheap that cybercriminals can easily reproduce fake point-of-sale (POS) devices that can be used to skim data from credit and debit cards.

    In an underground forum, a certain “Nikkon” has posted a fake POS device with flash memory for sale. The device is notably identical to a normal-looking POS terminal. Once used, however, it prints out a default receipt informing the counterfeiter’s victim that an error has occurred while reading his/her card, thus, the transaction could not be completed. Of course, at the same time that this receipt is being printed, the data held in the magnetic strip—along with the victim’s personal identification number (PIN) code—have already been uploaded and saved to the onboard flash memory.

    How would this work in the real world? Imagine you are in a restaurant, shop, or café. You would like to pay using your credit or debit card. You are handed a POS device and asked to swipe your card then to enter your PIN code. Moments later, you see that the card is being rejected. You are handed back a receipt as proof. You might dismiss this as a normal failed transaction. What you do not know is that your credit card information has already been stolen until you get your next billing statement.

    The initial price of a fake POS device is set at 1,000 EUR. An additional 200 EUR is charged for its setup and delivery. In addition, 40 percent of the stolen credit/debit card information is taken as usage fee by the seller.

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    • David Sabine

      Well the way all of this technology is going it is a very simple decision for me indeed. It should be equally as simple for eveybody else. Common sense should be giving people a very clear message that technology is dangerous, floored and a never ending cost prohibitive problem. Therefore the solution is not with tech fixes and surveillance solutions. It is far more simple than that.

      "Don't adopt new technologies"

      If the masses did this on a large enough scale, the corporations that push these technologies, would have no market and therefore these technologies would not exist. It is only because the masses have allowed themselves to be conned into the misleading benefits of these technologies, that they naively adopt them. Sadly, now they are experiencing the rot, in the fruit they are eating.

      What was wrong with walking in and withdrawing cash from a real bank teller?

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