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    This upcoming 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), various companies will unveil the latest gadgets and devices from laptops, tablets, and smartphones to home automated systems and smart TVs. While these Interned-enabled devices offer convenience and accessibility, they can also introduce security risks. Previously, we have seen reports on unauthorized access by third parties on devices such as smart TVs, printers, heart devices, and coffee makers. In our blog entry, New Gadget + the Internet = New Threat, senior threats researcher Ranieri Romera posed the question of how safe is it to connect new, Internet-enabled devices to the Internet. Furthermore, he tackled how cybercriminals can potentially leverage vulnerabilities found on these devices to steal crucial user information. He also mentioned that the lack of security options in devices make these vulnerable.

    In our infographic, The Automated Home of Tomorrow: How Vulnerable is it to Cybercrime? we demonstrate sample devices and their possible security risks scenarios based on our research. For instance, smart refrigerators that enable users to buy their groceries online can be used by cybercriminals as an avenue to steal login credentials and order unwanted items without user’s knowledge. On the other hand, when cars and home security systems (like CCTV cameras, door locks etc.) are hacked, these could put users at danger. Cybercriminals can disrupt car functions, which might lead to accidents and open homes to possible intrusion.

    Users are highly recommended to inquire first the available security options and device’s features before purchasing any gadgets. It is also important for users to be more pro-security and familiarize themselves on the risks of connecting devices to the Internet For tips and best practices, read our e-guide, A Guide to 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.

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