The Malware Blog Will Soon Be TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog

The shift in the threat landscape has inevitably led us to talk about security matters other than malware. Web threats have taken over as the biggest threats to the global Internet computing experience, and attacks against the mobile platform, specific groups and enterprise networks and the cloud only prove that today’s new technologies further broaden the attack surface.

To truly embody this change, we are changing the name of the Malware Blog to something more fitting. In the coming weeks, it will be known as the TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog.

We will also be updating the look and feel of the blog to match the new name. See below for a sneak preview!

Our dear readers can still count on the same dedication from our team of experts: our researchers, analysts and engineers to deliver threat news and information every day.

New URL as Part of Blog@TrendMicro–the new Trend Micro Consolidated Blog Site

Be part of the conversation! Very soon Trend Micro will launch the Blog@TrendMicro site, which will showcase the TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog, alongside all the other great content produced by the other teams in Trend Micro. Each of the blogs will be a “conversation” under the Trend Micro blog.

Moreover, the TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog will have a new URL. Once everything is settled, you may visit our blog through:

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