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    As the security industry evolves, underground cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to counter the technology challenges presented to them. I recently found out that the bad guys have begun offering services to track the blacklisting of domain names through reputation checks. The number of “businesses” offering this type of service is growing and the service itself has now become semi-automated.

    This semi-automation can trace the list of requested domain names against the different Web reputation databases. The most recent service I studied is found on www.{BLOCKED}, which offers customers solutions wherein the list of the domain names are regularly checked for blacklisting against Google BlackList (Firefox), ZeuS Tracker,, SpamHaus, and others. The monthly fee for such a service is currently around US$30 for 100 domains.

    Click for larger view

    The message above translates to:

    Zeus TRACKER
    Added cheking on ZEUS TRACKER
    Join now!
    Now clients of our service can use jabber bot, which can help in code crypting and check if the  domain is in black list, check your domains in a real time for the black listing.
    Join! It’s easy!
    Added API!
    Now clients of our service can use our algorithms via API.
    This means you can now integrate the algorithms into your software products.

    This service offers a Web-based interface for a manual site by site check and a bulk check mechanism. It utilizes an application programing interface (API) and uses Jabber as a communication protocol. Note that this is not the main business of the said site and it still prioritizes bulky JavaScript obfuscation.

    These new services demonstrate how adept the cybercriminals have become at using new technologies and resources to their advantage. The security industry finally understands the need for and has employed technologies such as reputation checks and the bad guys have already come along and misused the technology to their advantage in order to make even more money.

    Trend Micro protects users from potential attacks via the Smart Protection Network™, which blocks user access to all malicious URLs via the Web reputation service and detects all related malware via the file reputation service.

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